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We offer advice throughout all the Real Estate Rental process

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We are a full service team dedicated to help you to achieve your goals. Our real estate advisors, CPAs, attorneys and preferred lenders will guide you from identifying the right property, creating the purchase entity to minimize risk & liability while working with the most knowledgeable lenders to secure financing. Lastly our management team will service the home to eliminate your work and worry. We manage the entire process to minimize your time involved and maximize your investment dollars.

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Real estate advisors who consult with clients with capital to invest by connecting them with solid investment opportunities in the Miami and Orlando markets. Our team has analyzed and identified the best investment opportunities, some of which we have invested in ourselves. We are a boutique firm that can provide personal service while having an extensive global reach with a network of more than 850 offices and 12,000 consultants in more than 30 countries.

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What is a Vacation Home & Why Invest in One?

The vacation home is an asset that is growing in popularity, not only for the buyer/owner, but also for the end user, the guest.

The popularity of Airbnb and other similar online platforms has increased the demand for this commercial asset, especially in the post-Covid world.

Travelers are choosing now at a much higher rate than before Covid to travel and stay in a private vacation home, ensuring proper social distancing and providing travelers peace of mind; the peace of mind that a hotel cannot provide.

Our properties in South and Central Florida have seen a substantial increase in bookings and in rental rates, being in high demand areas near Disney World, as well as the Beaches of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Palm Beach and Tampa/St Petersburg/Clearwater area.

The vacation home model is the future of travel and, therefore, a strong investment option for our clients since we handle 100% of the process from acquisition to full management.

Why Invest in Orlando?

  1. Over 75 million visitors in 2018 with the number growing in 2019.
  2. Orlando/Kissimmee is one of the fastest growing MSA in the country (accelerated 2020/2021 due to the Covid exodus from northern states).
  3. Over 1,000 people moving to Florida daily with 70% moving to the Central Florida area.
  4. Solid economy, strong salaries and a lower cost of living lead by lower housing costs.
  5. Low insurance rates due to no threat of hurricanes (50-75% lower than South Florida).
  6. The Brightline high speed rail will begin operation in 2022 connecting Orlando and Miami in approximately 3 hours.
  7. New infrastructure projects are underway including 1.8 billion expansion of interstate I-4, Orlando International Airport is adding a new Terminal, the Sunrail commuter rail is extending its lines to link Airport/Orlando/Poinciana.
  8. OCCC – The Orange County Convention Center hosts approximately 1.5 Million attendees annually (pre-Covid).
  9. Orlando is a hub for innovation including: Neocity, the most significant/comprehensive global center for smart sensor, photonics and nanotechnology and development. The Center for Aerospace & Simulation and is a worldwide leader in video game development, virtual reality and life sciences research/development. Orlando is growing in importance on the world stage as Health & Wellness City.
  10. Home to the largest university in the Country, The University of Central Florida (UCF) with approximately 66,000 registered students.

Why Invest in Fort Lauderdale?

  1. Real Estate Appreciation: Fort Lauderdale is in the top 20 percent nationally for real estate appreciation, with a 34.47 percent increase over the last decade.
  2. Favorable Airbnb Regulations: Fort Lauderdale allows short-term rentals, including Airbnb, for both owner-occupied and non-owner-occupied properties, offering flexibility to investors.
  3. Inventory Growth: Fort Lauderdale’s real estate market is experiencing an increase in housing inventory, providing opportunities for buyers.
  4. Rising Property Value: The median home value in Fort Lauderdale has increased by 7 percent over the past year and is expected to continue rising, making investment properties attractive.
  5. High Median Home Prices: While home prices in Fort Lauderdale are higher compared to the national average, the high tourist demand compensates for this factor, offering a good return on investment.
  6. Diversity of Properties: Condos and apartments make up 53 percent of all properties in Fort Lauderdale, providing options for investors.
  7. High Airbnb Occupancy Average: The average Airbnb occupancy rate in Fort Lauderdale is high due to a steady flow of tourists throughout the year, ensuring a good return on investment.
  8. Tourism and Climate: The city attracts millions of tourists each year due to its warm climate and attractive beaches, guaranteeing high short-term rental occupancy rates.
  9. Proximity to Miami: Fort Lauderdale’s geographical proximity to Miami, another profitable Airbnb rental location, adds value to Fort Lauderdale properties.
  10. Favorable Airbnb Regulations: Current regulations allow short-term rentals for non-owner-occupied properties, which is not common in all U.S. real estate markets.

Invest in Orlando’s Vacation Homes Short Term Rental Market

The investments are new construction residences in top notch private communities near disney theme parks that allow short term rental.

The key to these investments and our “value add” is that our team manages the whole transaction. We are a one stop shop; from analyzing the investment, securing financing, creating the entity to purchase the asset while working hand in hand with our cpa and attorneys to make sure your asset is protected as well as minimizing your tax exposure. and lastly, we manage the asset for you from a-z.

This is a unique investment opportunity offering:




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Champions Gate & Storey Lake Proyects

Storey Lake Condo and Club view

Condo Florence 2/2 Storey Lake Orlando

Cove Single Family Santiago 8/5 Storey Lake

Storey Lake, Orlando

Champions Gate, Orlando


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