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We are full service team comprised dedicated to help you achieve you goals. Our real estate advisors, CPAs, attorneys and preferred lenders will guide you from identifying the right property, creating the purchase entity to minimize risk & liability while working with the most knowledgeable lenders to secure financing. Lastly our management team will service the home to eliminate your work and worry. We manage the entire process to minimize your time involved and maximize your investment dollars.



Real estate advisors who consult with clients with capital to invest by connecting them with solid investment opportunities in the Miami and Orlando markets. Our team has analyzed and identified the best investment opportunities, some of which we have invested in ourselves. We are a boutique firm that can provide personal service while having an extensive global reach with a network of more than 850 offices and 12,000 consultants in more than 30 countries.


Our lending partner has been providing loans in Florida since 1998. Their focus and expertise is financing foreign buyers with high loan to value ratios at low interest rates.  They streamline the transaction by completing loan application electronically  by email or in person at one of their Miami or Orlando offices; simplifying the most complex part of the buying process.


 Specializes in international tax consulting with a focus on advising & creating  entities for their extensive foreign based clientele to minimize tax risks and liabilities. They have been recognized by the South Florida Business Journal for Excellence in Accounting in International Tax.


Their role is drafting all legal documents regarding the entity that will own the property. The team’s primary area of practice focuses on inbound and outbound international business transactions for large and small corporations, partnerships limited liability companies and more. They actively represent clients in asset purchases, buy-sell agreements and business immigration needs. They also have extensive experience in estate planning including the use of off shore trusts


The final and most important component. Once you take ownership we take 100 % responsibility. Eliminating all the weight off your shoulders. We handle from A-Z including: Manage reservations or bookings placed on your property Licensing the home Monthly tax preparation and payment Cleaning services /housekeeping Maintenance Monthly owner Financial Report

Invest in Orlando’s Vacation Homes Short Term Rental Market

The investments are new construction residences in top notch private communities near disney theme parks that allow short term rental.

The key to these investments and our “value add” is that our team manages the whole transaction. we are a one stop shop; from analyzing the investment, securing financing, creating the entity to purchase the asset while working hand in hand with our cpa and attorneys to make sure your asset is protected as well as minimizing your tax exposure. and lastly, we manage the asset for you from a-z.

This is a unique investment opportunity offering:

  • Great returns (estimated 6-8% return*)
  • You own the asset
  • Available for personal use
  • Strong short term rental market
  • Exploding real estate market
  • Minutes from all Disney parks
  • Little to no investor involvement
  • A team will help you identify, purchase and manage the property
  • Low HOA fees
  • New high quality construction from Fortune 500 builders
  • Priced from the $200,000’s– $600,000’s


Terraces Condominium

  • Price: $255,490 – $465,990
  • Size: 1,194 – 2,556 sq. ft.
  • 2 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms

STOREY LAKE                                                          Cove Townhomes

  • Price: $363,990 – $395,990
  • Size: 1,914 – 2,128 sq. ft.
  • 3 bed 2.5 bath, 4 bed 3.5 bath

STOREY LAKE                                                        Cove Single Family

  • Price: $572,990 – $608,990
  • Size: 3,795 – 4,305 sq. ft.
  • 6 bed 6 bath, 8 bed 5 bath

Luxury Resort Condominiums

    • Price: $249,490 – $284,490
    • Size: 1,558 – 2,025 sq. ft.
    • 3 bedrooms | 2 bathrooms | 1 garage

CHAMPIONS GATE                                              Luxury Resort Townhomes

  • Price: $338,490 – $361,490
  • Size: 1,914 – 2,128 sq. ft.
  •  3 bed 3 bath 0 car garage, 5 bed 4 bath 0 car garage

CHAMPIONS GATE                                             Luxury Villas

  • Price: $448,490 – $473,490
  • Size: 3,014 – 3,275 sq. ft.
  •  5 bed 5 bath 1 car garage, 6 bed 5 bath 1 car garage

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Champions Gate & Storey Lake Proyects

Storey Lake Condo and Club view

Condo Florence 2/2 Storey Lake Orlando

Cove Single Family Santiago 8/5 Storey Lake

Storey Lake, Orlando

Champions Gate, Orlando

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